Is There Such Thing as a 15 Minute Female Orgasm?


Google the word touch. I could have stopped here!

I began writing this as a response to a previous comment on my post The Doing Method and Why you Should Just Do It here is my answer:

Rachel asks:

“From the book and sites like yours it seems as though this is not a 15 minute LASTING orgasm but how to produce an orgasm in 15 minutes on women that seem to have a hard time having one. Or am I missing something?”

This is a great question, and Rachel is not “missing something”  but let me add this:

The people at OneTaste consider this to be a goal-less practice. After attending the weekend workshop with Nicole Daedone and her staff, it became very clear that they are absolutely right.

It is tough to explain but maybe I will use the slow carb diet as an example. You may begin a diet with the intention to lose weight but in the process find that your journey not only helps you shed pounds, but you begin to learn things about your body you had never considered.

Along the way, you learn how your body responds to different foods, you become an expert in nutrition, you begin to feel better and get a passion for nutrition and possibly exercise that you never knew existed. You went into the process with a goal of weight loss; you came out in better health.

The same goes for the process of OM’ing (orgasmic meditation) or better known as the 15 minute female orgasm. You have to begin the process, possibly with a goal in mind.

But, while in search for that goal you begin to find that the goal itself, although at first your primary motivation, is not nearly as influential as the process of getting there. In other words: the process is the payoff, the endpoint is better health, getting there involves hard work and dedication. The end point to a diet? There isn’t one, it is just the beginning of a longer and healthier life.

I guess you will have to take that at my word. But, I will leave you with something one of my amazing classmates shared during the CNN weekend that will not be on TV because the cameras had already stopped rolling:

When asked what the experience of Om’ing meant to her:

“Feeling truly loved, before today I never believed I was worth 15 minutes”

How profound indeed!

  • Go check out Nicole Daedone’s blog at  I placed the link to her 4-Hour Body post. You may see my comment there.  Also head over to OneTaste where you can learn more about OM’ing and find a lot of great information. The staff there are wonderful and are eager to help, don’t be afraid to drop them a line!
  • Here is an audio guided 15 minute orgasm from OneTaste $3.00