Is Your Leaky Gut for Real or Simply Full of Shit?


Update: For a full breakdown of the RepairVite program I have created a 4 part series which will fully explain and guide users through this “elimination diet protocol” known as the RepairVite Program from Apex Energetics.  I’ve broken the Program down into four stages:

How I Repaired My Leaky Gut Using the Four “Rs”:

  1. the RepairVite Program description and guidelines
  2. the reorganization of one’s diet and habits during the protocol period;
  3. the reintroduction of forbidden foods into the diet; and
  4. the permanent reformation of one’s health.

This Program is not for the faint of heart or weak of willed. It’s definitely one of the hardest “diets” I’ve ever been on, but, in the end, it was the beginning of a transformation of my entire way of eating, how I look at food, and how I listen to and treat my body.[/box]

So much has happened since my last post, I hardly know where to begin.

Don’t worry though, I won’t bore everyone with an exceedingly long post. I’ll simply give an update and then move on.

First of all, I developed patellar tendonitis in my right knee a couple of months ago. I guess I was over training a bit and just destroyed it. So I rested for a few days and then went back to spin class and P90X, etc. This was a bad move because I simply kept re aggravating it and re injuring it.

Finally, I decided to go to the doctor a few weeks ago to get a real plan and start working on physical therapy. Needless to say I haven’t touched a spin bike, P90X Plyometrics or Core Synergistics since.

I’ve been resigned to balance exercises, swimming, upper body weights, Pilates and riding a stationary bike and an elliptical machine with no resistance for over three weeks now. I’m happy to report that I’ve had no pain for a week and am preparing to slowly start getting back into a normal workout routine. I even did P90X Yoga for the first time and survived! In fact, I did pretty well considering the osteoarthritis in my foot and the tendonitis in my knee. I think that one may be a keeper.

Clear my Mind and Clean my Gut

While I was at the doctor, he suggested that, after having lost so much weight and now finding myself in an infinite plateau (there were other reasons too), I may have leaky gut syndrome and that I should try a dietary detox regimen called Repairvite.

A pretty decent description of this syndrome and the diet that I’ve been following for nearly 3 weeks can be found here:

Food Provocation

I’ve survived nearly 3 weeks on this (after an admittedly terrible 10-day long caffeine withdrawal) and it’s on to step 2 on Saturday: food provocation and liver detox (Clearvite).

Provocation means that I can slowly begin to add those foods that I have not been eating (e.g., eggs, dairy (raw vs. pasteurized), grains (gluten vs. gluten free), lectins, sugar, etc).

Over the 3-week provocation period, I will keep a record of any negative side effects I have from eating any of the new foods to see if I have any food allergies or sensitivities. I already know that I have a sensitivity to soy so I will add that one in last.

As for the Clearvite, I will not be altering my diet any further, but I will be adding the rice protein powder daily.

Finally, my husband and I were able to get into a free six-week long nutrition class that piggy-backs on my new doctor’s ideas of organic, whole food, clean eating – something that I’ve been wanting to do but for which I needed some guidance. I was also lucky enough to get 4 free personal nutritional counseling sessions with a nutritionist included in this program.

It’s been a great learning experience thus far and am really excited to work with the nutritionist for my long-term weight management goals.

So, needless to say, it’s been a busy time. Learning how/where to get the best prices on organic fruits, vegetables and meats, planning meals, reading absolutely every label, and figuring out a new workout plan have been a full-time job.

It’s been worth it though because I lost 7.5 pounds in the first two weeks of this new program so I’m hoping that the plateau is broken and I can begin to think about my long-term weight management.