A lot of people ask me if the tripling testosterone protocol from the 4 Hour Body really works.

I have heard mixed reviews.  Most people go from their subjective experience of how they feel on the protocol rather than concrete laboratory values.

I received a wonderful comment from a reader I would like to share with you. Jeffrey did track his testosterone levels both prior to initiating the testosterone boosting protocol and then again 6 months afterward.

You can read about his experience below.

He made a slight modification exchanging raw almonds for Brazil nuts, tried adding additional selenium through supplementation but noticed the little added effect. Although his testosterone did not “triple”, he did see a noticeable improvement.

Let’s see what he had to say:

Enter Jeffrey

Hi, Stephen. This will be a lengthy post but I think you will find it interesting.

I’m a 57-year-old male in good health. At age 53, I noticed a drop off of energy, lack of strength and inability to achieve an erection. I was miserable and felt totally emotionally empty.The only emotion I felt was anger.

My doctor confirmed my testosterone level had dropped so he prescribed Androgel 5mg/day. Within 60 days I felt great!

Strength, energy, and erections all good again.

At age 56, I noticed things had backed off a bit so I started looking for OTC supplements that might help. I read The 4 Hour Body and decided to try Tim’s Testosterone boosting protocol with a few modifications. This is what I did;

  1. Royal Blue Ice Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil:  2 caps twice/day.
  2. 20 raw almonds/day
  3. Vit D3: 8000 iu/day.(My doctor confirmed my D level was low.)

I did NOT do ice baths.  No Way.

I hate Brazil nuts. I tried Selenium caps from GNC but had no noticeable effect.

I had my annual physical in Jan 2012 and now I have blood work results to confirm that this did work.

Jan. 2012 blood work results:

Testosterone: 412
Vit. D: 19.2

July 2012 blood work results:

Testosterone: 466
Vit. D: 44

As you can see, I had a real increase in Test and D levels. I feel good, have good strength and energy and sexual function is much improved.

I firmly believe the Vit. D level is very important to this equation. I noticed many years ago that I always felt better in Summer when I was outside a lot more and got some sun.

Based on my personal experience, I believe Tim’s protocol/modified has definitely helped me and I plan to continue with it.

I am always looking for anything else that may help and if something works for me I will update you.


If anybody else has experimented with this protocol please tell us in the comments below.

Here is a link again to original testosterone boosting protocol as seen in the 4 Hour Body.

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