Can I tell you my worst nightmare?

It is being trapped on the vitamin and supplement isle at Costco, or worse yet, GNC.

And the only thing stinkier than a bottle of rancid fish oil is trying to figure out what fish oil to take.

EPA, DHA, Omega 3, and how about K2 and D3? Ahhhhhh!!!!

Today, I am going to simplify one thing and that is the high vitamin butter oil / cod liver oil conundrum.

Today we will discuss:

An alternative (and cheaper) approach to Blue Ice Royal Butter / Fermented Cod Liver Oil to replicate Tim Ferriss’ Tripling Testosterone protocol.

Zach writes in:

“I have a question, in the 4-Hour Body Tim says you can substitute the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend with Carlson Super 1000 mg Cod Liver Oil and take it the same time with the Kerry Gold Irish Butter.

My question is if we go this route do we still take 2 capsules in the morning/evening of the Carlson Cod liver oil as we would do with the Blue Ice Brand?

And how much of the Kerry Gold Irish butter do we take with it?”

To answer this question, it is best to review the standard protocol once again briefly.

In the 4-Hour Body Tim presents two protocols that include High Vitamin Butter Oil:

  1. Long-Term and Sustained
  2. Short-Term and Fun “Nitro Boost”

Tim uses this in combination with fermented Cod Liver Oil as his protocol for boosting testosterone.

Abbreviated Tripling Testosterone Protocol – 4 Hour Body

Protocol #1: Long-Term and Sustained

Protocol #2: Short-Term and Fun “Nitro Boost”

Four Hours Prior to Sex:


The 4-Hour Body Sex Machine 1 – What to do if there is no Ice Blue?

Later, in the tools and tricks section of Sex Machine I, Tim recommends substituting the above protocol with Carlson Super 1000 mg Cod Liver Oil in combination with Kerrygold Irish butter if the Blue Ice Cod liver Oil and Royal Butter blend is not available.

From the 4-Hour Body:

Carlson Super 1000 mg Cod Liver Oil  is a decent substitute if the above (Blue Ice Royal Butter Combo) is sold-out, but consume at the same time as the Vitamin-Rich Butter Fat: Kerrygold Irish butter.  This site helps you find local stores where you can buy Kerrygold Irish butter. – Tim Ferriss

Hence the question of the day:

How much Kerrygold Irish Butter should one take with the Carlson Super 1000 mg tabs to mimic the Blue Ice Royal Butter Combo?

The Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend is provided in a 1/3 to 2/3 ratio. Meaning each capsule contains 1/3 butter oil and 2/3 fermented cod liver oil.

So, you could theoretically mimic this by simply taking 1/3 of the total dose of cod liver oil in the form of Kerrygold Irish butter at each dose.

Since the protocol requires 2 capsules in the AM and again in the PM you would be taking 1/3 of 2000 mg or roughly 660 mg of Kerrygold Irish Butter at each serving.

So how much butter is this?

Kerry Gold Butter 227gVERY LITTLE!

To demonstrate: one standard butter foil 8oz pack is 227 grams or 227,000 milligrams.

They also sell Kerrygold in “mini-dish” form which is basically what you would get if you ordered butter in a restaurant.

Each dish is 10 grams or 10,000 mg. This is very similar to the amount you would spread on a piece of toast.


That is a shit load of Irish Butter Batman!

If you have been following along, you will have realized that even one small 10 gram packet of Kerrygold provides 16 times more than we would need per serving to mimic the Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil blend.

So basically, to replicate the standard protocol, you could simply take 2 capsules of Carlson Super 1000 mg Cod Liver Oil in the morning along with 1/16 of a pad of butter and repeat this again at night.

Basically, no more than just a small amount of butter on the end of a spoon or the tip of your finger.

This may sound confusing but it is not. The new, modified combo is simply this:

The modified Tripling Testosterone Protocol with Carlson/Kerrygold Irish Butter


Modified Tripling Testosterone Protocol with Carlson Super 1000 and Kerrygold Irish Butter

Protocol #1: Long-Term and Sustained

    • Carlson Super 1000 mg Cod Liver Oil: 2 capsules upon waking and 2 capsules before bed
    • Kerrygold Irish Butter: tip of a spoonful/finger in the morning and the tip of a spoonful/finger before bed. (taken at the same time as the cod liver oil)
    • Vitamin D3: 3000 – 5000 IU upon waking and before bed (6,000 – 10,000 IU per day) until you reach blood levels of 55ng/ml. Can test this at home if you like, or just ask your doctor for this easy test.
    • Short ice baths and/or cold showers: 10 minutes each, upon waking and right before bed
    • Brazil nuts: 3 nuts upon waking and 3 nuts before bed

Protocol #2: Short-Term and Fun “Nitro Boost”

Four Hours Prior to Sex:



There you have it, an easy to dose and cheaper alternative to Tim Ferriss’ standard tripling testosterone protocol.

Testosterone and Beyond

Beyond the tripling testosterone protocol Kerrygold and Carlson 1000 mg gems are a perfect alternative to the Blue Ice Royal combination as a daily fish oil supplement.

As I have shown, it takes a very small amount of Kerrygold high vitamin butter to add sufficient K2.  This combination is superior to taking fish oil alone regardless of your testosterone levels.

This is a perfectly safe, and highly recommended, alternative for women as well.

Whether you are on the slow carb diet or not, consider adding this combination to your daily supplement routine to maximize your overall health.

In fact, if you were to take only one supplement on a daily basis, a combination of 2 Carlson 1000 mg tabs, along with a small amount of daily vitamin D3, taken with the Kerrygold high vitamin butter would be an excellent choice.

Again it is preferable to take your vitamin D3 in the form of drops to maximize absorption.

Below, are direct links to the products bundled on Amazon.

I suggest buying your Kerry Gold at a local retailer, you can find one close to home through their site.

If you have any questions please drop me a line in the comments section, I am more than happy to help.

– Stephen


  1. Tripling Testosterone Protocol pre-assembled on Amazon
  2. Kerrygold butter oil – find a retailer